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Looking for dental implants in Ogden Utah?

Our Ogden, Utah dentist, Dr. Redd and Dr. Jones, along with the rest of the team here at Capitol Dental, have years of dental experience and know how to make you smile. We recognize that every smile is very different, which is why we offer a number of different services to give your teeth the expert care they need. Our dental services in Ogden include Lumineers®, veneers, Invisalign®, teeth whitening, and more. Click on the tabs below to learn more about individual services.

Same Day Crowns


State of the art Technology: E4D

At Capitol Dental, our advanced technology is truly state of the art. The same innovations that are revolutionizing business and technology are being clinically proven to enhance the precision and longevity of modern dental treatment options. With in-office, computer-designed crowns and        restorations, such technologies are making today’s modern dentistry more convenient, less time consuming, and more patient-friendly.

Introducing the E4D System

With the E4D System, instead of using traditionally inconvenient and messy impression materials, we can obtain clean, fast digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in the mouth. Then, while you watch, we custom-design a crown, veneer, or filling perfectly suited for you based on your condition, using the chairside computer-based design center. From there, the information about the restoration is transferred to the in-office milling unit, where your crown, veneer, or filling is made.

Restore a cracked or fractured tooth

When we are unable to repair a tooth with a filling because too much of the tooth’s structure is removed to support a filling, we will use a crown to:

  • Restore a tooth when it is unable to support a large filling
  • Protect a weak tooth from cracking
  • Restore a cracked or fractured tooth
  • Attach bridges
  • Cover badly colored or shaped teeth
  • Cover dental implants

When you lose one or more permanent teeth, your other teeth may shift.

This is due to the fact that strong and healthy teeth support and maintain jaw alignment. When teeth shift, your ability to chew and speak may be affected. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth with artificial ones, eliminating the gap where teeth were lost. When you lose one (or more) permanent tooth (teeth), your other teeth may shift. This is due to the fact that strong and healthy teeth support and maintain jaw alignment. When teeth shift, your ability to chew and speak may be affected. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth with artificial ones, eliminating the gap where teeth were lost.

Lumineers® in Ogden, Utah

Smiling should be a happy, enjoyable experience, not stressful or embarrassing. With Lumineers®, you no longer have to hide your smile and you don’t have to endure lengthy, uncomfortable procedures to get the smile you enjoy sharing with the world. Lumineers® offer:

  • Painless procedure
  • Sensitivity-free results
  • Lasting, permanently white results
  • Quick and easy process

Transform Your Entire Appearance Painlessly with Lumineers®

Lumineers® are porcelain veneers that offer a painless way to a permanently whiter and perfectly aligned smile. The doctors at Capitol Dental in Ogden can apply these contact lens-thin “smile shapers” to teeth without any grinding or shaving, transforming teeth into a naturally beautiful smile that looks perfect for every patient. Come visit our office to find out more about Lumineers® in Ogden, Utah and how they can help improve your smile.

Veneers in Ogden, Utah

Dental veneers are custom-designed shells of tooth-like ceramic material that, when applied over the surface of a tooth, can cover worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, and chips or cracks. Regardless of what causes unattractive teeth, dental veneers may solve most or even all of your cosmetic dental issues, including:

  • Worn enamel
  • Wear and tear
  • Genetics
  • Uneven teeth

Bright Smiles & Beautifully Aligned Teeth

Veneers are a way to obtain a perfect Hollywood smile in a short amount of time. The team at Capitol Dental is your trusted resource for veneers in Ogden, UT. We can give you the white, beautiful smile you have always wanted with a minimal amount of tooth reduction. To learn more about veneers in Ogden, please drop by our office today!

Invisalign® in Ogden, Utah

Invisalign® — the clear alternative to braces. If you’re ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, Invisalign® is your answer. Although there are many choices out there, no other works as effortlessly as the Invisalign® system. With this system, you will receive many incredible features, including:

  • Customized
  • Removability
  • Effective
  • Comfort
  • Clarity

Invisalign® is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life. Not only is Invisalign® versatile, helping to correct a broad range of dental and orthodontic issues, but it really works. There are over a million smiles to back that up. But a confident smile isn’t the only benefit of correcting your dental issues with custom-made Invisalign® aligners—your health can be positively impacted as well. Trust the experience dental team at Capitol Dental for more information about Invisalign® in Ogden, Utah.

Teeth Whitening in Ogden, Utah

Take a first step toward feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. Whitening can get your smile looking its best. Non-professional procedures and clinically unproven teeth whitening tips can often lead to unsatisfactory results, you should look for a whitening procedure that is:

  • Fast and convenient
  • Long lasting
  • Low sensitivity
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Performed by a Dental Professional

Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is safe. In fact, many dentists consider whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. If you want to find teeth whitening in Ogden that meets all of these requirements, Capitol Dental is the best choice you can make.

Capitol Dental only uses tooth colored fillings.

This provides you with a better smile and eliminates the look of silver fillings in your mouth. Tooth-colored fillings are a safer and more attractive alternative to older silver amalgam fillings. By precisely matching tooth-colored composite fillings with the natural color of your teeth, we are able to provide you with white fillings that are virtually invisible. The removal of amalgam fillings can provide patients with white fillings that provide a more pleasing, silver-free smile.

Silver amalgam fillings contain about 50 percent mercury, a chemical that has been scientifically shown to be more toxic than lead,cadmium, or arsenic.

The possibility of mercury leaking from amalgam fillings over time has prompted a movement toward mercury-free dentistry. The mercury in silver amalgam fillings is thought to leave the filling and enter the organs of the body in small amounts throughout life. Some medical practitioners believe this mercury is causing physical and psychological problems in patients. These include neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects, and mental disorders.

Our goal is to re-design your smile so that it fits you, is beautiful, strong, and natural looking!

Capitol Dental works with each patient on an individual basis to design their perfect smile. We will consider your current situation and your final goals to create your own personal smile.

A Smile Design is truly a work of art. The term Smile Design applies to the enhancement of a smile using a combination of methods. A client’s eyes, lip line, coloring, gum tissue contouring, and face, are all considered when a new smile is designed for you.

We can eliminate those shallow pits or grooves in tooth enamel, worn edges or small chips in your front teeth by tooth contouring and re-shaping.

Some stains are difficult to remove with bleaching. In the cases where veneers aren’t necessary, bonding may be an option for you. Capitol Dental uses tooth color bonding to repair gaps in teeth, spots or stains, and chipped teeth.

Unlike porcelain veneers, teeth bonding is applied directly to the tooth and cured to its final hardness, usually with a light. In order to help the composite bond to the tooth, the tooth is prepared by lightly roughening the area to be repaired, which usually doesn’t require anesthetic. Then the surface of the tooth is etched, a thin, clear bonding agent is applied, and then the composite is applied.

Tooth shaping involves removing a small amount (generally 1 to 2 millimeters) of the enamel of the teeth. Tooth shaping can shorten long teeth, round off pointed teeth, and help create a pleasing smile that gently follows the contour of the lower lip. The procedure is quick and painless (the enamel has no nerves), and is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. A small minority of patients gets slight sensitivity after tooth shaping.

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