About us.

Your smile is a special characteristic that allows you to provide a little joy and happiness to your friends and family. At Capitol Dental, our dentists want to make sure that your smile is as bright and happy as it can possibly be. From scheduled cleanings to cosmetic dental procedures, we offer a suite of essential dental services to ensure your teeth are clean and healthy. Our team features two skilled dentists in Ogden, Dr. James Jones and Dr. Mark Redd, who both have years of experiences providing these services.

So what is it that sets our Ogden dentists apart from the other choices that you have in the area? We have a team of friendly and courteous dental hygienists who will ensure that you feel comfortable during your visit and that you receive incredible care during your procedure. Our office staff will be there to assist you with scheduling and financing to make sure every visit is convenient and cost-efficient. Most importantly, our dentists will consistently provide you with the best possible dental treatment available in Ogden, UT.

Call Capitol Dental today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists in Ogden, UT. Whether it is to alleviate the pain from a tooth that has been bothering you for months or to finally set up an appointment for a cleaning after years of procrastination, our dentists will take care of you. We promise to provide a personalized approach to dental service for every single client. This way, our dentists can help improve your dental health today and in the future.